Jacques Roumanille

creator of contemporary furniture 

Art craftsman

Very early on, Jacques Roumanille was fascinated by the fire that lit up the forge of his childhood village, Saint Rémy de Provence. His path has been as forged as his character: apprentice at the age of 14, he obtained a CAP of metal worker in 1981, and worked for nearly 20 years in the profession, from industry, to wrought iron and works for historical monuments.

Faithful to values that have always pushed him to go beyond his limits: love for work well-done, the quest for perfection, he was naturally led to the world of creation that would allow him total free-dom of expression, a personal and original reflection, and the decision to devote himself to his project: a collection of cotemporary furniture.

In unique items or limited series, the work of Jacques Roumanille explores in depth his favourite material, iron, which he readily combines with others, such as glass, wood or cement….What makes his work special, his hall-mark as it were, comes from his use of really unexpected metallic material, patiently gleaned from industrial scrap, thus, unusual shapes and sections are reworked, transformed and diverted away from their initial purpose, into the refined lines of functional furniture. Since 2003 in different shows, galleries and exhibitions, Jacques Roumanille’s collection is enriched as the seasons go by, according to his inspiration and through meetings with the public.


2004, Laureate of the talent competition

(In the category rural dynamic Languedoc-Roussillon) organized by the network of the Boutiques de Gestion. This prize rewards the new business creators for the originality and exemplariness of their path. 


2006, 1st Regional Prize SEMA Contemporary Creation

For the piece of art: Bureau Archi

SEMA becomes INMA in 2010..